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speech-bubblesAs I have mentioned earlier here on the blog, we have some new comic books available in the campus library. The new titles include books by Gabrielle Bell and Gunnar Lundkvist. I also want to give you some tips about online resources when it comes to comics. I have written about this before, on the old blog, and here is the good stuff from the old post. Online there are several comic fanzines that are worth checking out. Babian (in swedish, some issues have adult themes) is one of the nice ones. American artist Gabrielle Bells fanzine Lucky is available online. Read up on the history of comics on Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia are a good source sometimes).

Why not become a comic artist yourself? We have two guides on this subject, Seriemagi by Gunnar Krantz (in Swedish) and Cartooning by Ivan Brunetti (in English), in the library. Gunnar Krantz has also worked as a teacher at Serieskolan (The Comics school) in Malmö. Apart from these helpful guides you just need  pen and paper in order to make your own comics. So get started! If you make your own comic there is of course room for it on the shelves of the campus library.

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