deerfield_cemetery5Halloween is almost here. We have some scary books for you in the library if you want to celebrate Halloween by reading about mystical and/or scary things. We have, among others, books by one of Swedens most interesting contemporary horror-novelists, Anders Fager. At the site Litteraturbanken you can read (in Swedish) some of the gothic horror-novels written by Aurora Ljungstedt in the 1800´s, timeless stuff. Halloween is celebrated in different ways around the world. In Mexico, for instance, they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, The day of the dead. In Sweden we celebrate Alla helgons dag/ All Saints day. Before the arrival of christianity a feast called Alvablot was celebrated here this time of year. During the Alvablot, the Elves and Vanir gods where the center of attention. Read more about norse mythology here. Here you ca find some tips on how to organize your own Halloween-party. We wish you all a nice and scary Halloween!

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