Environmental research

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Today we are going to start a research about an environmental project, and to do research you need to find information about the topic that you have chosen. When we are looking for information it might be good to reflect upon what we are actually looking for and where we can find it. Before we begin, I’d like you to think about these questions:

Where do we find information?

What is a source? What is a reliable source?

What does source criticism mean?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of and talked about source criticism, and we won’t get into source criticism in detail now. But it is important to have a source critical approach when we are looking for information.

One idea that is important within source criticism is that when you gather information, it is positive to use several independent sources. In that way you will get a more reliable picture of what you are studying.

What is an independent (first hand) source?

How do we find these sources?

First, we need to have a clear idea of what topic to investigate, it starts with this decision. file6831249389254In our case it is something that has to do with the environment. Let’s say we want to investigate how our food consumption affects the environment and in what ways we can change our way of eating in favor of a healthier planet.

So my research question is How what way does our food consumption affect the environment? Where do I find information and how do I perform my search?

Google? Wikipedia?

What are the benefits/disadvantages with Google and Wikipedia?

To save time I’d like you to start and think about what sources we might have access to regarding this topic that are also likely to be reliable. In this way we gain both time and quality for our research.

To be able to spend more time studying sources, your teacher and librarian have chosen a Late afternoon sky-1few sources that we consider valuable for you, such as the databases Britannica and Global Issues in Context and the websites from National Geographic, Green Peace, The Guardian and BBC. These sources are likely to work as an entrance into the topic. If you need or want to find other sources on your own, your are welcome to do that. But in this project, we thought that we’ll give you these suggestions to save you some energy.

Good luck!

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