The MLA-system

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are several ways to do in-text citation and sourcing. Two of the most commonly used systems are Oxford and Harvard and you will most likely encounter these two systems if you go to university later on. But here at ISGR/IHGR we use a system called MLA. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. This association consists of about 30 000 academics worldwide and they together develop the MLA sourcing and citing system.  The system is updated on a regular basis and it is now in its 7th edition.  This blogpost is not the best medium in which to give advanced examples on MLA, so please have a look at the link provided below. At the suggested website you can get answers for most questions you might have about MLA and how to use it.

Read more about the latest version of MLA here;

Or, if you prefer, here’s a short video introduction:

We also have a reference book about MLA in the library!

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