Source Criticism

The following has already been published on the old library blog. But we feel that it is always good to be reminded about what to think about when it comes to source criticism! So, when you use a website in your research/schoolwork, ask yourself the foolowing questions! Always be source critical.

Who made the website?

Is it an authority (Government- or University-related)?

Is it an organization?

Is it a company?

Is it a private person?

Is it an expert?

Is it someone you can trust? How do you know?

 Why was this website made?

In order to inform about something?

In order to present the “facts”?

In order to share an opinion?

In order to sell something?

To entertain?

What does the website look like?

Is there any contact information?

Does the information seem serious?

Do the links work?

Is there any reference to the sources of the information on the site?

Are there any dates on the page?

Can you retrieve the information in other places?

Have you been looking elsewhere?

Have you been in the school library to consult the librarians about site validity?

Have you compared the site with other sites?

What were some of the other sites and the best source, in your opinion?


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