Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome new students and welcome back all of you old students! We hope that you have had a great summer. It will soon be time for you all of you to get your textbooks. Please ask your teachers/mentors for the date and time when you will come as a group to pick up your textbooks! Please, do not come on our own, wait and come see us with the rest of your class.

Maybe you would like to brush up on your study skills but feel a bit tired? If that is the case have a look here;

For those of you that want to freshen up your knowledge about source criticism can look here and for those that would like to recap some facts about the MLA-system (MLA = our schools system for citation) look here. We would also like to point out that from now on the library will not stock calculators for students. If you need a calculator, talk to your math-teacher! And there are no longer any borrow-for-the-day laptops. But you can still print documents, use stationary computers and the photocopier in the library. And, most importantly, you can borrow books!!

/The librarians

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