Correct answers and presentation of winners

A big thank you to all who participated in the Literacy day-quiz this week!

Over 120 students took part in the quiz and below you can find the correct answers:

Question 1. 1984. Question 2. 1600 000.

Question 3. 1766. Question 4. Arpanet.

Question 5. The ability to read and write. Question 6. apx. 126 million.

Question 7. apx. 781 million. Question 8. 33,3 % men and 66,6 % women.

Question 9. A reading disability. Question 10. apx. 15-20 %.

There were nine as had as many correct answers, so we had a lottery with those.

And the happy winners are:

Axel 7E

Hanna 8B

Teresia 8B

Congratulations! And welcome to the library to pick up your prizes!

In the future we will arrange several quiz. For example, we’ re planning for a book-quiz.

And If you have any suggestions for any future quiz themes, please let us now.

You can e-mail us using the following addresses; or

See you in the library!

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