The right to choose

bannedWeek 40, more precisely Sept. 27- Oct. 3,  is Banned books week. Most of us probably take the right to read whatever we like for granted. But for a lot of people around the world reading is restricted, severely restricted or altogether banned.

Oppressive political and religious groups might want to censor or ban books and magazines that question their authority or just provide entertainment deemed bad. Books can be banned for a number of reasons, it does not always have to be a logical and/or real reason. Here you can have a look at a list of books that have been banned in different countries. You will be surprised when you see which books that have been banned. Many of the titles on the list are beloved classics.

Defending the freedom to read is everybody’s job! So read a banned book today! 

Below you can see and listen to a book lovers story about a book being banned and her favourite pics for Banned books week.

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