The Gothenburg Book Fair

2015_09_25_11_36_352This weekend we would recommend everyone to attend the annual Book Fair, at the Swedish Exhibition Centre near Korsvägen in Gothenburg. The Book Fair is a collaboration between Bok & Bibliotek i Norden AB and Svenska Mässan. This year the focus country is Hungary.

Besides that you yourself can go around and get familiar with various publishers, associations, etc., there are a great lot of programs, debates and seminars to attend; stand programs, various squares and scenes and more. Those who choose to purchase a seminar ticket may also attend seminars.

This is a sample of what a day at the Book Fair could look like:

On the Digital Square there’s held a screening of the animation program Tiger Create. An animator shows how to create interactive stories, something that the publishing company Opal support and which has started to become increasingly common in Great Britain and Germany.

Maria Rasmusson, a researcher at the Mid Sweden Universitety speaks about young readers in a digital world and talks about changing reading habits, and the advantages and disadvantages of reading books in physical and digital format. A number of issues are raised, including whether it is is easier to absorb large amounts of information in physical format? If there are specific genres preferred as e-books? And how reading habits have changed. Rasmusson quotes Nicholas Carr: “Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.”

At the Book and Library scene Christer Hermansson is interviewed by Jenny Lind, on the occasion of the release of his third book in the series about the librarian Oliver C. Johansson. It’ s a debate novel which deals with the function of the public library in the society

The musician Mattias Alkberg, from The Bear Quartet performs with reason of his collected poetry being released in the volume Vart vi ska det vet jag men när är vi framme. Here you can listen to a song by Mattias Alkberg:

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