Photo frpm Morguefile.

Now everyone’s favorite time of the year, Halloween, is coming up. We want to help you celebrate this by arranging some activities in the library. During week 43 you can do sort of a Halloween poem quiz/Regular quiz and check out some of our deceased featured authors. We will also decorate the library in an appropriately scary way.


Photo from Morguefile

Halloween (All Hallows Eve/Evening) has Celtic roots and goes back to old Celtic pagan harvest festivals. Later on, when Christianity got a foothold in Europe, the celebrations changed. The Halloween we celebrate today has changed even more since Celtic times and now a lot of our inspiration comes from American popular culture, especially from horror movies. In Mexico, and other parts of the Hispanic world/diaspora, people celebrate The Day of the Dead/Dia de Muertos around this time of the year. Maybe you could visit a cemetery to get in the right Halloween mood?  In Gothenburg there are two big ones with some monuments and other spooky things, Västra kyrkogården and Östra kyrkogården. If you by any chance visit London during Halloween you should go to Highgate cemetery for a nice spooky walk!

­­During this time of year the Vanir gods was celebrated in Scandinavia during pagan times. The Vanir are, along with the Aesir, one of the main groups of gods in Norse mythology. The Vanir are connected to fertility, the underworld and magic. The most well-known of the Vanir gods are Frey, Freya and their father Njord.

We hope you read some scary books, maybe watch some horror-movies and have a great Halloween this year! Here you can read up on how to have a real scary Halloween. Watch the clip below and get some tips on how to do some nice skull make-up;

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