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Climate conferences

At the end of last week children from different parts of the World gathered in Södertälje for participating in the Children’s Climate Conference 2015 (CCC15). This in order to be able to influence the decisions of adults to stop climate … Continue reading

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The ancient game of Go!

The campus library has been given, by Mister. S. H., a set of the old Chinese game of Go. It´s not yet widely played in Europe, but it is very popular in China, Korea, Taiwan and other countries in that … Continue reading

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Julie Doucet

Now it´s time to present author number two in our series of contemporary autobiographical comic artists. I first came into contact with Canadian cartoonist Julie Doucet´s (1965 – ) work when I read her comic´s in the nineties. I thought … Continue reading

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Nice new comics!

We received a shipment of new comics the other day. These new titles include works by, among others, Peter Bergting, Daniel Clowes, Anouk Ricard, Marc Bell, Jonas Andersson and Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead). Come in and have a look … Continue reading

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Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day has been celebrated since 1925, when it was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the Well-being of children. Later on the UN adopted the Declaration on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the … Continue reading

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Lovecraft-festival in Gothenburg

From 14th to 22nd of November, there is a Lovecraft-festival in Gothenburg, to celebrate the 90-year-jubilee of when Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) first created the fictitious character Chtulhu. The American writer H.P. Lovecraft wrote mainly short stories in the horror genre, so-called … Continue reading

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Alternatives to search engines

As an alternative to search engines you could use a meta search engine. It’s a search tool that uses other search engine’s data to produce their own results from the Internet. The main advantage is that more results could be retrieved … Continue reading

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