Search engines, try more than one!

file9051310290389Today we talked to some of our students about search engines and what to think about when using them. Below you can read about some of the stuff we talked about.

Most of the web searches being done in Sweden (about 95 %), and elsewhere, are being done by using Google. Google provides us with a lot of good services but it can also limit us. For instance, the answers that Google gives us are selected by Google by using more than 200 secret criteria. It´s good to stop and think about how Google now has a near monopoly on certain things, like web searches. Therefore it´s good to step outside the “Google cloud” when you can and remember to do so. When you are doing research, you should try using different search engines. This will give you different results and new approaches to your research. So, here goes;    (open source + does not store your personal information) (developed by Microsoft) (the Swedish version) (instead of just using search words, you can ask direct questions here)

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