Alternatives to search engines

As an alternative to search engines you could use a meta search engine. It’s a search tool that uses other search engine’s data to produce their own results from the Internet.

The main advantage is that more results could be retrieved with the same amount of exertion. But the metasearch engine has got some problems to decode query forms, and therefor the numbers of links generated by metasearch engines are limited. Anyway, meta search engines could be useful if the pupose is to get an overview of a topic or a quick answer to a question. Single search engines also measure relevancy differently. Here are some metasearch engines you could try:

Dogpile (includes results from Google, Yahoo! and Yandex and several other search Engines)

Ixquick (you could search in 17 languages. Each language version includes local search engines.

Search engines rely on spiders (computer robot programs) to search out information on the Internet. As an alternative you could also use search directories or indexes. They rely on people to categorize information.

DMOZ (an acronym for Directory Mozilla) covers 90 languages and you could choose what to read by topic and target group. It started as the Open directory project (ODP).

IPL2 is a merger of Internet Public Library and Librarians’ internet Index. But since june 2015 it is no longer updated. But you could still find some useful information.

Remember to use effective search strategies! Find out what search words or phrases and search tools are appropriate for the topic you want to research. Then ask yourself which is the most appropriate way to find the information you want. Good luck!

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