Bilingual books

The library has purchased some bilingual books in French/English and Spanish/English. There are books from a series called Let’s Read!. A couple of the advantages of bilingual books is that it is easier to practice on reading longer texts, you do not need to look up every word and so on. In the books of Let’s Read! there are even speech bubbles that highlight particular phrases and a quiz at the end of the book where you could test what you remember of the content. Here are some tips on books you can find in French/English and Spanish/English:

Danny2 Danny1

Danny lives in Borneo, where his Mom is the director of an orangutan reserve. Danny enjoys helping his mother with taking care of the animals and the tourists visiting the reserve. But one day the reserve needs to pay a lot of money. And a wood company wants to cut down the trees in the reserve. But if it did so the environment of the reserve would be destroyed. So how could Danny and his mother solve the problem? Danny gets an idea. Maybe he could save the Orangutan reserve by telling its story in a blog?

stranger2 stranger1

Two siblings, Paul and Anna, have just moved to the countryside with their father. They choose to stay home when their father goes into the city to do some errands. When playing in the snow, they find a whistle and bring it into the house. Later on, when they try it, the computer turns off. What is the strange whistle they have found?

toto2 toto

Susie has a friend who asks if she wants to join her going to the circus. She would like to do that, but have no pet sitter. Then she decides to bring the dog under her jacket. But how is it going? Is it really a good idea? At the Circus the dog is shirking away and both the dog and Susie will be experiencing different things.

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