New year, new possibilities!

The library is happy to welcome you back to school!

Hope you feel ready and excited for what will surely be an excellent spring semester!

To the library there have arrived some new books to check out and borrow. For example some cartoon guides to different topics: calculus, physics, statistics, chemistry, environment and genetics. You could read those books as a supplement to your ordinary text books and then get elements and concepts explained in a very plain, clear and entertaining way.

algebra calculus chemistry environment genetics physics statistics

There is also a great time to let your librarians know if there are any new books you would like to have in the library, either for your studies or for your reading for pleasure. For your reading for pleasure we could recommend a new book by Neil Gaiman, which is available in English and Swedish:

gaiman riddell1 gaiman

In a beautifully illustrated, dark and exciting fantasy story you meet characters from classic fairy-tales. In the coming week, the first parts of an other serie inspired by classic fairy-tales  are also expected to arrive to the library. They are from the crime serie The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley.


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