Storytelling Week

Next week the Story-telling week is coming up. It is mainly celebrated in Britain, but in the library, we think it is well worth highlighting!

Storytelling has always been important in all cultures – and performs many important functions: entertainment, education, development on various fronts and even survival. In today’s society new media also brings new ways to tell stories.  

In the library you can during the Story-telling week contribute with stories that can then be read by others (be library books). You can among other things:

  • Share your story (everyone has their own stories to tell, which is about experiences and places you’ve visited. It is also a good way to get to know each other better).
  • Try the tricky thing to tell a story using five images.
  • Retell or tell a story that means a lot to you.

Here you can learn about how stories may change the world in different ways:


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