Refugees in literature and in real life

During some weeks of the autumn the library displayed books on the topic “Refugees in literature” and here in the library blog linked to a movie clip by UNESCO, which was about what children and young people would do if they were the ones who decided in refugee issues.

The theme of refugees in the literature is well worth raising again. According to the UN News Centre there was more than a million migrants who fled to Europe over the ocean in 2015, from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other of the top ten most troubled countries.

Most migrants came last year to Europe via a dangerous boat ride between Turkey and Greece. During 2016, the influx of refugees continue, and to improve the humanitarian conditions for refugees United Nation ‘s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) put together a Regional Refugee and Migration Response Plan (RMRP).

Through the databases Newsbank and Global Issues in Context, you can get in touch with the newspaper articles and scientific articles that follow newscast and major events related to refugee issues. Using these resources, it is easier to find out what is relevant and to form your own view of what is happening.

It is the first time Europe has faced people coming in from the outside in large numbers as refugees and many questions come up. How can the world deal conclusively, peacefully and responsibly with those questions? Here are some book recommendations:

refugeeinside outpipickuppersimmon tree

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