With focus on the Africa unit in Individuals and Societies

Here is a list of resources that maybe relevant to those studying Africa in Individuals and Societies. In addition to the catalog, where you find all the books, journals and more are available on the shelves in the library, so you can search the following databases:

Britannica. ->Advanced -> compare countries -> Choose two countries -> Articles & Media. You could read facts and full articles about different countries, look at pictures and watch film clips.

CIA. The World Factbook. Africa – This is a website where you could find a lot of relevant statistics, maps, international organizations and groups etc.

EBSCO. Explora Secondary Schools -> Geography -> More -> Choose a country that you want to explore. You could read the Topic Overview and different articles on the country.

Global Issues in Context. ->  Browse issues and topics -> Brows Regions -> Africa -> Select from the countries or topics below.

JSTOR. -> Advanced Search -> Write some relevant keywords, for example african societies, human culture, environment* and examine what results you get.

Landguiden. This database is only available in Swedish. It’s easy to navigate and through Landguiden you receive comprehensive and reliable information on all countries in the world, conflicts and organizations and more. Both texts and statistics is continuously updated continuosly.

NE. This database is only available in Swedish. Search the encyclopedia or choose Mer -> Världens länder -> Here you can find facts about different countries, international collaborations , themes , maps and more.

Newsbank. -> Education – Every Student Succeeds act -> Jump to: Africa -> You could choose more and find a lot of relevant news on Africa.

You could also choose -> World Politics and Governments -> Jump to: Africa -> and find out a lot of news on this topic.

Worldbook. -> Social Studies Power -> Write some relevant keyword, for example Africa -> Check your results on the part of the world Africa.

You could also choose Student -> Write some relevant keyword, for example Africa -> and explore articles, image, videos and related informations. Among related information you can find bibliographical and historical information, and articles on different peoples, physical features and more.

You could also choose Early People -> Africans of the Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empires. In this subject you could then choose among a lot of different sections.

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