The International Woman’s day

The theme for International Women’s Day on March 8 2016 is: Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality. This theme raises such questions as:

  • The right to inclusive and quality education
  • The right to lifelong learning
  • Human rights
  • Acts of courage and determination
  • End all forms of discrimination against woman and girls everywhere.
  • Eliminate all forms of violence against woman and girls
  • Eliminate all harmful practices against woman’s and girls 

Do you know anyone highlightening these missions? Could he or she be a role model for you? What is it about him or her that you want to emulate?

If you are a teacher and want to raise the issue on woman’s rights in the classroom, here are some tips on an exercise where you can discuss and compare women’s roles, the society’s expectations on woman, gender differences and more.

There is also an online exhibition, made by the National Woman’s History Museum that you could check out! The exhibition has a large focus on America, but is well worth taking part of. It contains various topics that have in common that they focus on girls and women’s rights: Women entrepreneurs, women in science, women in their early film history, African-American women’s history and more. Here you could also get some tips on how you could celebrate the International Woman’s Day in Gothenburg: for example you could take part in workshops at the Museum of the World Culture the or an evening at Hagabion.

Do you want to celebrate International Women’s Day through reading a book on the topic, so the library is recommending this for example:

girls kabul  malala woman      heroine

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