Refrigerator Poetry and winners of the quiz

Thank you for many nice class visits during the Poetry Week!
It was great that so many classes could come to the library, fun to take part of many students’ poems and also fun that as many as about 100 students participated in the quiz.
Below you may read some poems that the students gave the library permission to share, and at the bottom of the blog post, you’ll find the winners of the quiz.

You are in love. microwaving beans and rice at day’s end

And Highly polished furniture,

For mothers most important lessons

With fire to ignite you. Poetic


Remember The kiss will bring. hatred For the boys Whose temper that drifts Your heart.


In the grim shadow insecure and dwarfed by fear.

remember the vague fragrance of amber,

of her father’s dark coat.


rummet det stirrar

lampan till blommorna ebbar i ljus

från fönstret hörs ryktena,

vanligtvis sover stan och taken

steg inuti trasor. frusna där på oss


The winners of the quiz can come and pick up their prices in the library. Congratulations to:

Axel 7F

Maja 8E

Nadia 9A

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