New exhibition, author visit, biographies/autobiographies

Students have arranged a new exhibition in the library – grade 6E+6F who has made posters in the framework of the Individuals and Society – The Africa unit. Students have done research on African countries based on five themes: Location, Movement, Religion, Place and Human Environment Interaction. They have used databases to obtain information, and have been very creative in their design of the task.


When it comes to african countries, the library will soon be visited by the journalist and author Per Brinkemo. On april 13, he comes to the school and will talk about his book Mellan klan och stat : Somalier i Sverige (2014). In English it means between tribal and state: Somalis in Sweden. He has also written Dumpad (2013) which is about an abandoned refugee boy.

In the library we are now displaying biographies and autobiographies – because there are classes working with this genre. What is a biography then? If you write a story about your own life, it’s an autobiography or memoir. If you write about someone else’s life it is a biography. An autobiography and a biography counts as non-fiction and contains elements of both subjective truth and fiction. You can learn about athletes, performers, artists, politicians and others. From the genre there has developed a number of subgenres: disease biographies, true stories, true crimes and so on. Some newly purchased biographies are the following:

bolt bowie maya messi nordkorea

fun home hey röda

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