World Book and Copyright Day

This day is celebrated April 23, on the grounds that many famous writers born and died this day: William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, Vladimir Nabokov and others.
In conjunction with the World Book Day the ISGR library at Campus Götaberg gives away books and would like to promote Open Library which provides free, downloadable ebooks.

The library also encourages all visitors to submit book reviews to each other – and even give title suggestions to the library. In particular, the library would increase the number of books in different languages and diversify content.

The Copyright Day is celebrated by encouraging classes to take part in a quiz, discuss issues of copyright, and make posters to put up in the library. But what is copyright?

Copyright is a legal concept adopted by most governments. It tells how a work can be used and gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. Copyright means the right to cite and refer, but also gives the copyright holders the right to receive benefit from their work and other similar rights. It is about a form of intellectual property.
Creative Commons makes it easier for people to share their work with others. They offer six different licenses that you can choose from:  These are based on four conditions (see the symbols below): recognition (01.), non-commercial (02.), no derivative works (03.) and share alike with the same conditions (04.). Only recognition is mandatory.


The library wants to advocate open access copyrights, so that knowledge may be spread and built upon. With open access means that scientific results are made openly available on the internet. Many open access publishers use creative commons licences so that the content in their articles may be reused.

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