Are you an avid reader?

Have you always wanted to list all the books you have read, leave reviews, get recommendation and join reading groups? Then read on.  There are a few online sites where you can create a virtual bookshelf to keep track of all your books. All online sites allow you to either keep your reading profile private or you can choose to update your friends with what you’re reading via other social media site. Please bear in mind that you must be thirteen or over to join these sites.

Have you heard of Librarything?

Librarything describe themselves as a community bought together by the love of books. Here you can catalogue your books, get suggestions on what to read next and meet like-minded readers. You can be as private or as active in the reading forums as you like. You can access and update your reads from any device. They also have a giveaway programme where you can enter to win free eBooks and paperbacks.

Have you heard of Goodreads?

 Goodreads describe themselves as the largest online site for readers and book recommendations. They have good privacy settings should you wish to keep your account private. Alternatively, you can link your account to Facebook and share what you are reading with friends. Goodreads have reading groups, where each month a book is selected and you can then discuss with other readers what you thought about the book. You can give status updates with how much you have read so far and leave comments on what you think about the characters, plot and storyline. They also have a giveaway programme where you can win paperback books.

Have you heard of Booklikes? 

Booklikes describe themselves as a blog platform designed for book lovers, where people can share their reading and discover new books. Have you always wanted to start a book review blog? Then Booklikes is a good place to start. Here you can post about your books and read what other people are talking about too. They also have a system where you can give status updates on how much you have read so far and what you think. You can also catalogue your books, find recommendations and they have a giveaway programme for both eBooks and paperbacks.

Is there a book site that you would like to share with us? We are always keen to hear about new book initiatives. Please come by the library and let us know!

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