We wish you a really nice, lovely and relaxing summer!

If you are going to travel somewhere or stay in the country, there are always new adventures and places to take part of in the literature. You can share these with other people by reading the same book, writing on it on different sites or giving book recommendations to your friends and family. Or why not listen to an audio book while taking a bike ride out to the sea or a lake?

Maybe a year ago, the Elib Audiobook Player was launched, which made it possible to listen to audio books in your Android. (If you follow some other instructions you could also do so via your iPhone/iPad or PC/Mac.)

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To be able to download audio books which are not freely available you need to get a library card from the Gothenburg City Library, which is free. (You only have to bring one of your parents to sign an agreement.)

When you have fixed a library card, you need to install the app Elib Audiobook Player (for listening to audio books in Swedish) or the OverDrive app (to listen to audio books in English) or you could use OverDrive via the web.

Then it is time to login to a website where you can borrow audiobooks in Swedish or English. You could find them here:



After you borrowed the book, you could go to “My account” and click on “Listen” to the book you want. You could also take some breaks and continue listening to the audio book. The apps will remember how far you came and continue from that point. Enjoy!



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