Source Critical Checklist

In connection with the Personal Project-start for the 10-graders and that many other students at the school also have essays, projects, presentations and more to deal with, we would like to remind of the need of being source critical.

It is always important to be source critical, but is especially important if the information is taken from the internet. A tip is to use the library’s resources! Then you need to spend less time and effort of being source critical!

In any case – always remember to ask yourself questions like who is the author, who published the information, what is the article’s content, credibility and relevance to your school work. If the information is correctly communicated and have references. Not least, it is important to ask why the information has been published. And the list could go on! But at ISGR/IHGR  library we promote the CRAAP-test to remember the most important criterias:

  • C-Currency
  • R-Relevancy
  • A-Authority
  • A-Accuracy
  • P-Purpose

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