The United States Presidential Election 2016

The 8th of November is approaching, when the presidential election is decided and there are many ongoing debates and analyzes to be read. To take part of the news coverage, there are a number of news sources (except from those provided by the databses Newspaper Source and Mediearkivet) as you can turn to. We would like to give you some tips. But at first we would like to remind you to be source critical because journalists often use a set of techniques to make news more attractive road to the audience. According to the Swedish Media Council those are:

  • Accentuation – event provided with a certain angle.
  • Simplification – event might be simplified and multiple perspectives absent. 
  • Material form – the incident made clear to the reader.
  • Polarization – contradictions emphasized or reinforced.
  • Intensification – news highlighting the event in terms of drama and conflict.”Here are different sources where you can read about the US Presidantial Election: 8 sidor is an easy to read newspaper in Swedish. However, you can choose to translate the articles to different languages:
    Through Scholastic News Online you can learn about and take part in the world around them. They pay particular attention to the presidential election. Here you can learn about the election process, get up-to-date news, see the latest results on interactive maps and more.
    Here you can also take part of information on the US Election , provided by the US government adapted for teens: 
    BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation) is situated in Central London, the United Kingdom, but is one of the world’s largest broadcast news organisations and report news from all over the world.
    Through can receive news from various parts of the world. If you select North America and the United States, you then from the alphabetical index to find national newspapers like the Washington Post  and The New York Times.

    USA today is also collecting contents from different types of sources reflecting ongoing conversations in the US.

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