The ISGR/IHGR library wishes you a pleasant autumn and/or reading holiday!

The reading holiday (läslovet) concept is fairly new, but has spread rapidly in Sweden. Originally it was launched by the bookshops Bonnier and Akademibokhandeln, but nowadays it is driven by the Reading Organisation (läsrörelsen), a reading promotion organization.

What does reading holiday mean then? It means you have greater opportunities to take part in writing workshops, film screenings, book swaps and similar during the autumn holiday. To do that, you could for example turn to public libraries, bookstores, and possibly some associations that pay attention to this week. Here you can read about what is happening in Gothenburg: Among other things, author visit at the Gotheburg City library by the author Ingelin Angerborn, whose book Sal 213 is being filmed and will be shown at cinemas in February. Feel free to borrow the book and her others from the library! We have also got the newest one Sal 305! Here you can read an extract from that one.

We would also like to wish you a really nice and spooky Halloween and thank you for all the nice decorations you have created and contributed with to the library!

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