Violence and oppression in the name of honour

Last week and this week, ISGR is visited by Carolina Lopez from the international organization YWCA-YMCA, working with young people to promote  solidarity, democracy, human equality and responsibility in the community.

Carolina gives workshops in violence and oppression in the name of honour but also talks generally about different forms of honor based violence and oppression, what the statistics look like, vulnerable groups in society and about values.

Here you can read the The state of world publication 2016’s report 10 : How our future depends on a girl at this decisive age. Here you can also read a report on violence and oppression in the name of honour and who is dealing with this in Gothenburg:


Carolina tips about the support chat, learning platform and inheritance fund project Kärleken är fri/Love is free, which is run in cooperation with the lawyer Fatima Brobeck Khan and lawyer Negin Amirekhtiar. (You can turn to those with questions about police reports, the new law on child marriage and forced marriage, and more.)

Carolina also provides tips on TRIS, a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization working against violence and oppression in the name of honour. They meet young women but also men who are or are at risk of violence and oppression in the name of honour. She also recommends Elisabeth Fritz, the only law firm in Sweden who is specialized at crimes of honor and representing both young and adults.

If you would like to engage in the organization KFUM Göteborg, please ccontact Carolina at

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