Before the author visit by Mikael Thörnqvist. Who are we going to meet?

Next week ISGR will be visited by the author and journalist Mikael Thörnqvist. This will happen within the framework of the Creative School project funded by the National Arts Council. Mikael will lecture on honor oppression and his latest book, Fotbollshoran, which brings up that theme.


The book Fotbollshoran is about the football interested teenager Yasmine, her relationships with her family and friends. The book has also romantic elements and contains a story about how it can be to be a victim of honor oppression. Mikael got his inspiration from working as a football coach for a long time and being involved in the association Never Forget Pela and Fadime (GAPF).

In 2013, Mikael was awarded The Author of the Year Prize for 2012. It was handed out by the Author Centre West and the West Swedish Authors’ Society. It was for the book series Bollkänsla, which is about girls aged 10-13, who play football. It is also about how they manage various everyday concerns, life issues and situations that are not always that easy to handle.

Mikael has worked as a journalist for several newspapers and magazines: for example Trollhättans Tidning and Elfsborgs Läns Allehanda (TTELA), Göteborgs-Tidningen (GT) and Aftonbladet. He has also written about the French writer Anaïs Nin and the French entertainer Josephine Baker in Amelia, a magazine aimed at woman in big cities and the treatment of rapists for the council Brottsförebyggande rådet (BRÅ), an agency whos is working to reduce crime and increase safety in society.

We really look forward to meeting Mikael and think it will be a great experience for the students and the whole school!


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