Author visit by Mikael Thörnqvist

Today ISGR was visited by the author and journalist Mikael Thörnqvist (see previous blog post) who lectured on honour violence and his book Fotbollshoran.

The visit was well received, interesting, thought-provoking and enriching in many ways.

Mikael based his lecture completely on questions raised by the students. For example the students wanted to know where Mikael got his inspiration from, how he had done his research and why the book written in the way it was, the roles of the different character’s, football as the context and more.

It was also discussed what differences there are between domestic violence and honour violence and why the latter exist and how society’s view of honour violence has changed.

ISGR also got good feedback from Mikael. He thought that ISGR was the best prepared school so far, he was pleased with the students’ questions and the reception from both students and staff!

The author visit took place within the framework of Creative School, funded by the National Arts Council. The aim is for the students to meet professional cultural practitioners and thus strengthens the relationship between school culture.

20161219_090224  img_7343

img_7366  20161219_103815  img_7361

20161219_104816-1  20161219_104801-1  20161219_104754

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