Creative writing workshop with the rap artist Fröken B

Yesterday ISGR was visited by the rap artist Fröken B, who has been an active musician for more than ten years. Besides performing as Fröken B, she is also performing together with the artist Meldeah as the duo Silversystrar. Silversystrar also plays rap, but they are more inspired by soul and jazz.

Besides the music, Fröken B and Silversystrar are engaging in social issues. Fröken B provides workshops for young people encouraging young people  to develop self confidence. Silversystrar cooperates with the organizations such as Erikshjälpen and Solrosen. Solrosen is an organization working for children and young people who have a parent or other family member in prison.

The workshop with Fröken B was very much appreciated by the ISGR students. It was a nice surprise that several of the students are creating their own raps at home or listening to rap, so the workshop with Fröken B was really well received. Even the teachers were satisfied. They thought it was  inspiring and had a very good set-up of the workshop and that the time well spent.

The students wrote their own rap texts inspired by the following ideas:

  • Rhymes, both “school rhymes” or “classic” rhymes and vowel rhymes, where the important thing is that the rhyme sounds similar. This is because you need many words to choose from when writing a rap text.
  • You can use different kind of flows – both faster and slower. There is no right and wrong. Every person has their own, special flow.
  • A written row is supposed to correspond to a bar of music.
  • And more.


Normally Fröken B tell students not to write about people in their texts, to stimulate students’ imagination and it is intended that rap texts shall be subtle. But Fröken B did not think that restriction would be needed ISGR’s students. Students chose many different themes, for example: Donald Trump, Fatigue, Bullying, Trains and other themes and when they had finished writing their rap texts with choruses included, they had to perform them for the other students. The students could choose whether they wanted to perform with or without beats, together with Fröken B or not. It seemed that the students really appreciated to hear the other’s students rap texts.

For students who would like to continue writing rap texts Fröken B suggested using instrumental rap music that can be found either by searching for “instrumental hip hop” on Youtube or Fröken B on Spotify since Fröken B usually release her songs both instrumentally and with song.

Would you like to know more about Fröken B? Visit her website, her page on MySpace or follow her on Facebook.

The Arts Council had awarded grants to invite Fröken B.

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