African theme. Sukumu dance and trip to Uganda

Yesterday, the school was visited by the dance group Manongu, who had a workshop in dance from Tanzania with the students. It was classes from grade 7 and 8, from both the national and international section, who participated in Sukumu dance, as the tanzanian dance was called.

The students learned various dances step by step and also got the opportunity to to learn a song from Tanzania and sing while they danced.
The school was happy to let students take part of this dance workshop. Sharing a cultural experience from another country is always enriching. The workshop was part of the school’s Creative School project funded by the Arts Council.

On Friday, staff from ISGR and IHGR will travel to a school in Uganda. We would therefore like to suggest some books from Africa. The first two tips come from Dick, the school’s eminent IT technician.

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