Presentation of the manga artist Natalia Batista

In about a month, The International School of the Gothenburg Region will be visited by the manga artist Natalia Batista. This is done within the Creative School project, supported by the National Arts Council. Natalia will hold a manga drawing workshop, focusing on portraits.

Natalia has written books including the book series Mjau and Sword Princess Amaltea. In ISGR/IHGR Library you will find the three parts of Sword Princess Amaltea, which is inspired by classic fairy tales.

nataliabatista_swordprincessamaltea1-2   nataliabatista_swordprincessamaltea2-2  nataliabatista_swordprincessamaltea3-2

The books series are about Amaltea, which is commissioned by her mother to rescue Prince Ossian. When Prince Ossian is saved, he is not that happy being rescued as Amaltea had hoped. He is not that weak or defenseless either. Amaltea and Ossian then meet Amaltea’s sister Dorotea and a rivalry of Ossian pop up between the two sisters. In the last book Amaltea is about to take over the family’s reign. But the question is whether her fight skills are good enough for her being able to do so?
Natalia has also collaborated with Jo Salmson, by illustrating Jo’s books about Häxfolket and received the Nordic school librarians’ association for children and youth book’s prize 2013. She is aslo teaching at Serieskolan (The Comic Art School) in Malmö and a member of Nosebleed Studio, a Swedish manga artist collective that make manga anthologies together. We are delighted that we will get a visit by her!

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