Finding general information on other countries

If you need to find basic information about other countries for example, about the land, government, people, history or cultural life or similar. Then the best place to start looking for information is encyclopedias, such as Britannica. Select what reading level suits you: Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced. Use the search box to search for information on individual countries.

After you have done that, go to the menu bar to the left to narrow your search through clicking on topics like Economy, Government and society, or similar. Also look at the tab Related under the main heading where you can get tips on webpages.

For those of you who speak Swedish, you can also use NE’s kunskapstjänster. When you have opened up the encyclopedia Nationalencyklopedin you scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find: Världens länder (where you can then click on the tab Landsfakta).

When you have read about your topic in Encyclopedias, and got more familiar with your topic it is time to find some more in depth information. We recommend you to go to the database, Global Issues in Context and use keywords you have found reading the encyclopedia articles.

You can use the search box for Global Issues in Context or choose the option Browse Topics (a tab top left, under the logo of the database). Choose Select a Category and in the dropdown menu, click on Countries and Territories. The database then brings up a variety of countries and territories you can choose from. If you click at any of those, you will come to a result page where you can find a wide range of publication types and materials you can use: Web pages, news, scientific articles and more. You can also refine your search by the function Search within Page. Here are some tips of other resources:


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