The International Women’s day 2017

On Wednesday, March 8, The International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. This is to pay attention to women’s rights in different ways: socially, politically, economically, and more. The day is also a good opportunity to learn about and reflect on the situation for girls and women in different parts of the world and how to work for equality. Here you can read news on different things going on. The theme for this year according to UNESCO Women and Art.
The library want to tell you about how you can celebrate this important day.
We would like to tip you off about an important resource where you can learn about equality in different countries, the UN’s free database: Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database.
Within the EU, there is also the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), set up to contribute to and strengthen gender equality, including all EU policies and national policies. It is also meant to fight against discrimination based on sex, and to raise EU citizens’ awareness of gender equality.
You can also celebrate International Women’s Day by visiting the Gothenburg Art Museum, where the author and artist Tove Jansson is exhibiting right now.
Gothenburg University is organising lectures about LGBT rights, the immigrant women’s situation in the Swedish labour market, suburb feminism and more (in Swedish) at Torgny Segerstedssalen, Vasaparken, Universitsplatsen 1, kl 16-18.
Gothenburg City is organising lectures at the Gothenburg City Library at. 17 to about 19 on different topics including equal parenting (in Swedish).
World Culture Museum is organising a lecture at. 18-19.30 on Abortion Rights then and now – are they threatened today? However, this lecture requires an entrance ticket you can buy at the museum. You can also celebrate International Women’s Day with the national organisation Kvinna till kvinna volunteers at Bengans skivbutik at 19-23. The organisation Kvinna till kvinna are working to support and empower women in war and conflict.

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