Workshop by the manga artist Natalia Batista

On March 14th grade 6, both MYP and LGRM, was visited by the author and manga artist Natalia Batista. She held two workshops on how to draw portrait in manga style, to create your own manga character.
At the start of the workshop told Natalia told us a bit about the manga tradition in Japan, where manga has a long tradition of humorous art. She said that no country in the world has such a large industry in comics as Japan. Manga style may have originated in the ukiyo-e prints of Hokusai in the early 1800s, but began to spread for real in Japan in the early 1900s, thanks to the mass media. The grade 6 students got to see different examples of manga books series: Astro Boy, .hack, Meow, etc., and these books were lying on the student desk as inspiration during the workshop.
There was a special focus on drawing eyes in manga style and the workshop also provided a perspective where characters could be people of different age and body shape, or be fantasy characters. The workshop was a success. A few students said “it was the most enjoyable lesson ever” and they did not want it to end. They also told us they wanted to meet Natalia again. We have now noticed a difference in the library, that there are many more manga books borrowed, although they were popular before. The library has also promised students to sit in the library and draw manga when they want, and that those who want can start a manga club
located in the library.

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