Reading Week

Right now the Reading Week is going on in the school building and the library. Every day there are new activities coming up:

  • Tuesday: Book recommendations and fika
  • Wednesday: Book swap day
  • Thursday: Taste of the read out loud shelf. Come listen to some story telling!
  • Friday: Poetry workshop. Haiku writing.

Students can also during the whole week visit the library to do some crafts, for example making their own bookmarks, create a character cube and more.

During this week we also encourage teachers to begin each lesson with reading aloud or together with the students for 5-10 minutes. Sharing text you like yourself is a good way of inspiring other. It can be quotes, news articles, comic strips, interviews, poetry or whatever. The aim is to encourage all types of reading. In connection with reading week the library initiate the shelf Read Aloud, requested by teachers, where you can find several titles suitable for reading aloud. Below you can find some examples.

What characterizes a good Read Aloud book?
Among other things, the book has a good language, and not too long chapters. The book has an engaging content that stimulates discussion. It is a book that you probably would not have got in touch with otherwise. It broadens your reading repertoire and provide a common experience for those who read the book together. You’ll quickly get into the action and be able to identify yourself with the main characters.
Tip: Reading aloud can increase calm and concentration. You can gain insight into how other people think and feel and get perspective on your own life.“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” /George R. R. Martin, author of A Dance with Dragons.


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