Author skype talk by Michael Buckley

Yesterday, ISGR had an author skype talk with Michael Buckley, residing in New York, The United States.

Michael told us about the way to become an author, his authorship and book series The Sisters Grimm, N.E.R.D.S and The Undertows series and also what it is like creating animated films.

The students were really talented, brave and asked great questions. Well done Rishi too, who dared to be the first out among the students. Michael Buckley was very talkative and entertaining. Gave very good tips to us regarding reading, writing and doing research. He inspired us a lot and gave a detailed, grounded and somewhat unexpected picture of what it means to be an author and create animated films. Everyone seemed very pleased when they left the talk.

All Michael Buckley’s books have been bought in and can be borrowed in the school library. Thanks to the IT technicians Dick and Martin who helped us to set up the technical equipment, Tamara who did a great job as the moderator of the skype talk and all other people being involved and preparing for this unique, interesting and enriching event!

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