New book covers

MYP6 has recently completed a project in Swedish run by Ida Fastén where the students have read Swedish youth novels. In conclusion, they have written new blurbs for the back-covers of the novels, written reviews and created new book covers using the web-based design tool Canva. Most students have also written about and added photos picturing the authors of the novels.
Strikingly many students have chosen to work with Bert books, written by Sören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson. Now, you may wonder who Bert is if you do not know about him since before?
Bert is a guy interested in girls and football. He also plays electric bass in the pop/rock band Heman Hunters. In the books you can follow him from grade 6-9. The books are fun but also have serious undertones by addressing topics like a parent’s death, bullying, cancer etc.. Here you can read more and see what different Bert books are available. Most of them you can borrow in the school library:


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