Exhibition on the love theme, summer reading tips and Digiflora

The library now is hosting a new exhibition: the products of grade 8’s work on the love theme. The students have created books dealing with the question what love is. This time, the exhibition is outside the library, since the library is currently full of book trolleys and textbooks. We apologize for that!


We would like to give you some book tips for summer reading. Below you can find some tips of what other students have borrowed during the summer and also some books on the love theme.

Are you interested in wild plants? The library has in cooperation with the science teacher Susanna Kertesz recently added a resource to identify plants growing in Sweden and the Nordic region: The Digiflora database. You can find it in the right menu bar below the heading Other resources. It is freely available and contains more than 1500 plants. It is run by the engineers Jan-Olof Nordenstam, Ulf Larsson and Ingmar Tönnby in cooperation with other professions.

Digiflora is available in English, Swedish, Danish and French and the names of plants in more languages than that. To use Digiflora you fill in information about the plant you have found and can get help to determine the name of it. The name is also available in Latin.

The library wishes all of you a very nice summer!

If you want to get in touch with the library during the summer you can always call 031-7089206 or send an e-mail to elin.wastlund@isgr.se. The library will only be closed the week 30-31.

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