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The National Source Criticism Day

Today March 13th, is the National Source Criticism Day. The ISGR library is celebrating this through making the information and handouts for source criticism more accessible. At the library blog, there is now a tab for source criticism. If you … Continue reading

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Source Criticism Day

Viralgranskaren, a department on the newspaper Metro, which examines and analyzes news and internet phenomenon, has nominated March 13th to be the Source Criticism Day. They have also created a facebook event on Monday. If you are a teacher, you … Continue reading

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Post-Truth and Fake News

There has been a lot of media attention recently on the concept of fake news and the Oxford dictionary has even made ‘post-truth’ the international word of the year. So, what does all this mean? Post-Truths Let’s start with ‘post-truth’. … Continue reading

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Source Critical Checklist

In connection with the Personal Project-start for the 10-graders and that many other students at the school also have essays, projects, presentations and more to deal with, we would like to remind of the need of being source critical. It is always … Continue reading

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Turkey and the European Union

At the moment students of Pre-IB are working on a project about Turkey and that country’s chances/process of joining the European Union.  Here are some helpful links, tips and resources to help you in your work! Facts and concepts First, … Continue reading

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Source Criticism

The following has already been published on the old library blog. But we feel that it is always good to be reminded about what to think about when it comes to source criticism! So, when you use a website in your … Continue reading

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Environmental research

Hi everyone! Today we are going to start a research about an environmental project, and to do research you need to find information about the topic that you have chosen. When we are looking for information it might be good … Continue reading

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