Workshop in crime fiction writing. Grade 9

Last year, the students in grade 9 handed in wishes to do a workshop in crime fiction writing.

This year it is happening and the students have got the opportunity to choose whether they want to meet

Christoffer Carlsson or Shaun David Hutchinson. Around the school we have put up posters promoting

the event. The poster for Christoffer’s workshop has been made by a student.

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Workshops in scrapbooking

A couple weeks ago, all 6th graders participated in workshops in scrapbooking, led by the illustrator Hanna Ingvarsson. They went well and it seems like all students enjoyed them. They got a step by step instruction from Hanna and access to a table with different scrapbooking materials and possibility to work from one of the themes: my dream day in space, my dream disco or the book about me.

Last week all grade 6 students were welcome to the library during break time and after school to finish their scrapbooks, if they wanted.

Scrapbooks were also being displayed in the windows of the library. This whole event was part of the school’s project Creative School, underpinned by the National Arts Council.

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School break reading challenge

The autumn break is in Sweden called the Reading break. The theme for the National reading break this year is suspense. To highligt this ISGR library has put together a reading challenge for grades 6-10 that runs from this week until November 18th. During this reading challenge, you read three books in different genres and do a small challenge connected to each book. You also try to find out if there is any reading break activity near where you live. Hope you will enjoy it and for you who hand in the taken challenge no later than November 18th, you will get to choose a new book from the library to keep as a gift.

Here you can find the reading challenge in Swedish:

Here you can find the reading challenge in English:

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Grade 6. Scrapbooking workshop

After the break, all students in grade 6 will get the opportunity to do a workshop in scrapbooking with the artist Hanna Ingvarsson.

Here is a greeting from Hanna:

My name is Hanna and I’m an illustrator. I mainly illustrate childrens’ books for different publishers and in some of the books I have used the technique of Collage, which is exactly what scrapbooking is all about. 🙂 I have illustrated about 25 books and also a boardgame and a few spotify-covers. I live with my family in Askim where I also work. 

Here is an instruction for MYP 6 respectively LGRM 6:

The theme for the scrapbook workshop for MYP 6 will be either: My dream day in space or My dream disco. Here is the instruction: Collect material for the scrapbook workshop. Send 1 A4 of photos on the theme you choose to Elin: for her to print out for you. Also collect pictures you cut out from newspapers and similar, or whole magazines on space or disco theme and bring it to the scrapbook workshop.

The theme for the scrapbook workshop for LGRM 6 will be The book about me. Here is the instruction: Collect material for the scrapbook workshop. Send 1 A4 of photos about yourself to Elin: for her to print out for you. Also collect pictures you cut out from newspapers and similar, or whole magazines that says something about you and bring it to the scrapbook workshop.

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Some library news

Two lists of book recommendations have been put together in connection to the anti-racist month. One on the theme of women in Iran / Iranian women and another one on the theme of India and Indian people.

For teachers there are also a couple new nonfiction books in connection with the antiracist month:

  • Att motverka rasism i förskolan och skolan / Emma Arneback & Jan Jämte.
  • Black lives matter at school : an uprising for educational justice / edited by Denisha Jones and Jesse Hagopian ; foreword by Opal Tometi.

Books on Halloween theme and resources on Dia de los Muertos theme are also being displayed in the library and books by authors that will arrange crime fiction (Christoffer Carlsson and Shaun David Hutchinson) for grade 9 and fantasy writing workshops (Brandon Mull) for grade 6 in December.  

In November the climate conference COP27 will take place in Egypt. The news magazine First News has arranged an opportunity for students to create and send messages to world leaders in connection to that including a filming guide. (Ask your librarian Elin, and she will share it with you. It can also be used in other contexts). If you as a teacher or student would like to arrange messages for COP27, please talk to Elin.

In the last issue of First News there was also an article about online safety, as the library recommend all advisors and students to read and discuss students. When you read it, maybe the discussion questions could be: How do you know what / who to trust and how can you protect yourself when being online? 

If you as a teacher or student would like the library to visit your class to sign up for a personal Britannica account (it works now again, after some technical problem) or get started or support with World Book, EBSCO or any other resource, do lessons on academic honesty, source evaluation, citations, in-text citations, how to come up with research question or anything else, please let the library know.  

In the library the number of magazines has been reduced, because the offices for several magazines we used to subscribe to have moved from the UK to the US. We hope that this is just temporary, that several magazines are hard to get hold of.  

The library will come up with an activity in connection to the Reading break (as the autumn break is called in Sweden). After that, the library will focus more than usual on reading motivation and reading promotion until Christmas.

In connection to the World Mental Health Day on October 10th, the library promoted some resources to teachers. If you as a student are interested in reading them also, you are also welcome to do. Just talk to Elin, your librarian:

  1. Staff guide : Healthy relationships with ourselves and our peers by Mental Health Foundation.
  2. Rethinking rest by Mental Health Foundation and Reflect and Refocus. It focus on the body, mind, heart, soul, connectivity and senses.
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Iran’s anti-hijab protests

To pay attention to and support Iran’s anti-hijab protests, ISGR library has put together a list of resources for anyone who would like to read about the protests going on at the moment or just women in Iran or Iranian women. The resources are being displayed in the library

The reason the library is supporting the protests is that Iranian women as women of any nationality have the right to their own bodies and honor violence or violence can never be good. 

Here is the list of resources:

The books in the list are available to borrow. The articles and video in the list are possible to read and share. They are from the school’s databases and subscriptions. Please ask your librarian if you would like to read any of them.

There are also books in farsi and dari in the library, at the newly outbroken section for Mother Tongue section, for anyone who would like to read a book in any of these languages.

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The International Literacy Day 2022

Tomorrow is The International Literacy Day  / Internationella läskunnighetsdagen on Sep 8th 2022. 

Because of this, the Library and Student center have put together activities this day that we think could happen in the Library, Student center and classrooms for those teachers who want. It will go on from Sep 8th-Sep 12th.

There will be a quiz for all grades:

There will be 3 prizes for each quiz. The prizes will be either a student centre card or a new book from the library, chosen by the student. 

Other activities happening are for example: 

  1. Watching film clip by Unesco.
  2. Coloring page by comics author Svetlana Chmakova with the message “find your voice through books”.
  3. Word searches (one on space theme and another one by the comics author Svetlana Chmakova).
  4. Read a greeting from Finland’s president Sauli Niinistö in connection to The International Literacy Day 2022.
  5. Read an excerpt from The invisible child by Tove Jansson (there are also pedagogical materials for students and teachers connected to it). 
  6. Teachers can connect via Zoom to the official celebration and more. 
  7. Participate in reading hour tomorrow night at 19-20. 
  8. Watch Moominvalley episodes for free Sep 8th-11th here:
  9. And more. 

For all materials, please see attached files. I will try to remember all materials, please let me know otherwise if I miss out on any.

Enjoy the International Literacy Day 2022!

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Book recommendations in connection with the political elections in Sweden in the autumn

For teachers

If any of your want to talk about and discuss political messages in connection with the elections, the library would like to give a couple of book recommendations.

The news magazine 8 pages, to which ISGR library subscribes, has published an ebook:

Dags att rösta : Valskola 2022 (Lättläst)

The e-book contains information about before, during and after the elections, the various political parties and some of the most important issues in the election.

There is also a pedagogical materials connected to the ebook that has been published by the National Agency for Accessible Media (MTM).

Prata politik! : Ett metodmaterial om demokratiska samtal i skolan. 

In this method manual, you can read about what applies when discussing politics within the framework of a school. There are also interesting exercises you can do, for example these:

  • What do the politicians actually say?
  • Valuation exercises
  • The hot seat on democracy
  • The thermometer about politics
  • Political parties as sources
  • Review the parties’ information materials
  • Debate
  • And more

At the end of the book there are also some examples of how other schools have worked with talking about politics.

There are 3 copies of the book in the library: 2 copies of the book can be checked out to teachers who want and the third is a reference copy (until the election is over) that can be read in the library.


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Some EBSCO Explora news

There are some news regarding our subscription to the interdisciplinary database EBSCO. The userfriendly interface Explora has returned, making EBSCO easier to use. We have also got a new password (ask your librarian or teacher, please). 

You reach EBSCO via this library blog

In the right menu bar, you scroll down to the heading Databases and click EBSCO. 

In the school buillding you (hopefully) reach EBSCO automatically. But if you are off campus,

you will need o login the ISGR username and password (as you get from the library or your teacher).  

After you have logged in to EBSCO, you scroll down to the third icon that says Explora Secondary Schools.

Choose whether you want to use the search field, the advanced search option or browse subjects in the database. 

If you want, you can get technical support from your librarian Elin. 

EBSCO has put together some lesson materials for you to get started with Explora and EBSCO.

  • Explora scavanger hunt (for any school subject)
  • Using textual evidence to support arguments (for any school subject)

Here is a video tutorial that introduces you to EBSChost: 

Here is a handout for students about Explora: 

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Time to hand in Summer reading challenges

This week and next all of you who have participated in the summer reading challenges are welcome to the library to hand in your challenges and pick up your book prizes.

If you want, please have a look at some challenges taken by a student in MYP9 (see attached files): 

  • a book trailer
  • a book recommendation
  • a book cover
  • a presentation of and story about three characters in a novel that brings up hospitality, multiculturalism and removes prejudices.  

The challenges taken by the students were based on the following youth novels: 

  • They both die at the end by Adam Silvera
  • War storm by Victoria Aveyard
  • City of bones by Cassandra Clare
  • The wicked king by Holly Black

All these books are available to borrow in ISGR library. 

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