Spoken word workshop tomorrow

Tomorrow, students from grade 9 will do a spoken word workshop with Matiss Silins.

Matiss Silins is a spoken word poet since 1997, and Sweden’s first spoken word-educator. Right now, Matiss is working with the performance “We have to talk.” A story about the right to your own story and about how we are all a piece of puzzle in an infinite story.

The workshop will be on the theme: “In the head of a fifteen year old”. The workshop will be in in the spirit of “language battle” where communication is put in the center and not the “correct” language. Matiss work with the importance of daring to express yourself even if you do not master a language to 100%. The playfulness of the language and the desire to explore the writing is at the center.

We are looking forward to this!

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It was a great morning at ISGR, with the skype talk with Kazu Kibuishi

Today in the morning, the grades 6 and 7 had an author skype talk with Kazu Kibuishi, withing the Creative school project funded by the National Arts Council. Everything went very well, thanks to fantastic contributions from both Kazu and the students.


Kazu told us about himself, his artistic work and novels, and draw during the skype talk. The students had prepared great questions and behaved excellent, taking turns to speak in the microphone.


Kazu told us he is a self-taught illustrator, and has been drawing since he was five years old. His mother encouraged him to become a doctor. During high school Kazu spent a lot of time writing, and then chose to study film at university. If Kazu would not be an author or illustrator, he thinks he would probably work as an architect, although he finds it hard to chose what he likes the most, writing or drawing.

In Kazu’s family, everyone is dedicated to painting, so they have that in common. Kazu, however, thinks that the children could continue drawing or  choose another career path. Because it’s important to choose your own way, and your own fame. And to have a goal or vision, whatever you will do. Make sure that the goal feels right, works well and means something for other people. That makes you responsible and the world a better place to live in. It also builds you up.

The content of The Stonekeeper in the Amulet series is partly autobiographical and several characters in the Amulet series are based on people in Kazu’s real life, and his relationships with those. For example, Kazu’s parents died when he was a child so he could not afford to keep the house where he was living.

As a tip to the students from Kazu is to not see everything so flat. You can see a drawing as a poem or poetry, a way to more easily talk about difficult things. Kazu prefers to create series instead of regular books, because the drawings make the story more complex.

When it comes to Kazu’s style / the look of his drawings, Kazu has consciously developed it for more than 10 years. He has written and illustrated many stories before Amulet. Sometimes he uses superstitions for joking around to scare. But what’s most important is what is more important for Kazu’s artistry is what is inside the characters, their emotional state, and find ways to express how you feel. To deepen that knowledge, Kazu reads a lot, and just more and more.

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Safer Internet Day

Today is the Safer Internet Day. The theme for it is: “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Therefore, the library would like to share an E-safety guide with you, provided by Britannica Digital Learning, a division of Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc..

It is aimed at students, but useful also for teachers and parents. It brings up safety issues when using mobile devices, social media, gaming, networking online and more.

Esafety-Guide. For Students

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The students appreciate Kazu. Are looking forward to the skype talk on Friday

On Friday on February 9th at 8-9, the students from grade 6 & 7 will meet Kazu Kibuishi for an author skype talk within Creative School, supported by the National Arts Council. The students will have the chance to ask Kazu questions on his authorship, graphic novels and more.

While the students have been working with Kazu in their classes, and in collaboration with the library, they have also written down many appreciative comments. Here are some examples on why they like Kazu so much:

“I love the way the pictures tell half of the story.”

“I like the way he can turn cute creatures into monstrous beasts.”

“I like the freedom in his stories, like when the characters fly on mushrooms.”

“The books by Kazu are very colorful / fun to read / creative / imaginative / interesting.”

“I like Kazu’s drawings because they are wondrous and fantastic.”

“I like how good the drawings are to express how the characters are feeling.”

“Kazu’s drawings are cute, and if you can’t read that well, the pictures can help you.”

“You never know what is going to happen next, the writing fitting in with the drawings.”


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The one man theater Ondskan

Today, ISGR was visit by the actor Oskar Sternulf, within the school’s Creative School project. Oskar performed with the one man theater Ondskan. It takes place during the 1960s and has a dark and raw, but very up to date plot. It’s about the teenager Erik, who’s father beats him every afternoon, and his mom does not intervene. Erik has learned how to handle the tough days at school. But one day the principal catch him for extortion, so e has to move to a boarding school far away, where social injustice continues.

In the performance, physical violence is dominant, but the roles can also be applied to psychological bullying, or net bullying. Oskar plays all the eight roles included himself, and alternates subtly between them, also between acting and telling the main character Erik’s story. The only requisition Oskar uses is a chair and a bag.

The students are since previously very familiar with the novel Ondskan, and is really caught by the performance. At the end, Oskar tells about the background to the novel, and the performance he himself travels with. Students also get questions on “important” words appearing in the novel and the performance, such as “boarding school”, “sadist”. Another word that often occurred was buddy upbringing, being brought up in an environment with absent or passive adults. There is so much to learn and discover with Ondskan.

Hopefully we will meet Oskar again! Here you can follow him at Instagram.


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Ondskan by Jan Guillou

Tomorrow, ISGR will be visited by Oskar Sternulf, who will give a performance based on Jan Guillous biographical novel Ondskan. This is the first Creative school event happening 2018, funded by the National Arts Council. As a preparation, LGRM8 and students from MYP have read and discussed Ondskan in class.

The novel and performance Ondksan deals with the topics of bullying and exclusion, both at school and at home. The purpose is to provide a more reality-based picture of how bullying can look and what to do about it, even as a fellow human. This is a topic that is constantly relevant.

After the performance tomorrow there will be a discussion on values and where to turn for support, for example, BRIS, the children’s right in society.

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We are looking forward to two author skype talks in February

Author skype talk with Kazu Kibuishi

February 9th at 8-9. Author skype talk for grade 6 and 7 in the Aula. All students in these grades are supposed to participate in this event. For the second year in a row, the students have voted for Kazu as their choice of author, within the Creative School project, and finally they will meet him. They will also got to visit his studio via skype. Kazu is both an author and graphic illustrator, from Japan living in Seattle. He has been nominated for the Eisner Comics Industry Award, praised by Young Adults Library Services Association and more.

Author skype talk with Laurie Halse Anderson

February 23rd at 15.15-16. Author skype talk for grade 8 and 9 in the Aula. This is voluntary event, but we would like to encourage as many students as possible to participate, since it is a really unique opportunity. Laurie Halse Anderson is one of the most famous and acclaimed youth authors. Her books have been translated to several languages. They are focused on human rights in different ways. Laurie has been nominated for the Astrind Lindgren Memorial Award prize, been a National Book Award finalist and more so she is really famous. This talk is also happening within the Creative School project.

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