Research Pathfinders


Via the blog you will find the encyclopedias the school subscribes to. They are adapted for secondary school and high school:

  • Britannica: A huge, user friendly encyclopedia providing information on different reading levels, with related information attached, for example multimedia, website tips etcetera.
  • Discover: provided by the database World Book. An easy to read encyclopedia equipped with easy to browse categories. The articles can be translated to several different languages.
  • Estudiantil Hallazgos: provided by the database World Book. An encyclopedia in Spanish where you can search for articles, dictionary definitions, pictures, and maps.
  • Funk & Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia: provided by Beside encyclopedia articles you can also find images and short, biographical information.
  • L´Encyclopédie Découverte: provided by the database World Book. Encyclopedia in French, where you can search for articles, dictionary definitions, pictures, and maps


Some databases are subject specific and some are interdisciplinary. Here are tips of databases that fit different MYP subject categories:

  • Alex Författarlexikon (in Swedish as well as some information in English and German): provided by Forflex AB. Here you can find biographical information on authors, information on literary prizes, literary terms, genres and literature from different countries.
  • Explora Secondary School (in English): provided by EBSCO. This interdisciplinary, user friendly database provides good overviews of topics and you can also use easy to browse categories.
  • Global Issues in Context (in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish): An interdisciplinary database provided by Gale. It ties together a wealth of different sources and source types in order to support global awareness. It is also a good source if you look for country specific information.
  • GreenFILE (in English): provided by EBSCO. Here you can find information on the human impact on the environment.
  • Health Source – Consumer edition (in English): provided by EBSCO. Here you can find articles on food and nutrition, sports and health, psychology and medicine.
  • JSTOR (in English, French, Spanish and other languages): provided by the not for profit organisation Ithaka. The database is like a huge digital library containing primary sources and both back issues and up to date issues of journals. It is interdisciplinary but specialised in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Middle Search Plus (in English): provided by EBSCO. Contains a wide range of primary sources including historical and biographical materials and more.
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (in English): provided by Gale. Contains different sources and source types covering information on contemporary hot topics, within language, art and science.
  • Science Reference Center (in English): provided by EBSCO. A database within Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental science and Health and medicine. This database include encyclopedia articles, journal articles and other types of information. You can also find biographical information on scientists.
  • Topic Search(in English): provide by EBSCO This interdisciplinary database contains different types of sources, especially within social sciences, economics and scientific discoveries.
  • World Book (in English): provided by World Book, Inc. You can get good overviews of different topics through the Advanced option. You can get help with citations through the Student module. There are modules you could use to look for information on: Timelines within different topics, early people, drama, science, sustainability. You can also find eBooks to read.      


Via the library blog you can also use the ISGR/IHGR library catalogue to search for non-fiction books, fiction books, audio books, journals, magazines and other resources:

There are also news sources that you can access:

  • Newspaper Source (in English): This database is provided by EBSCO. It contains newspaper articles from international, national and regional newspaper sources. It is quite US centered
  • (in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese): This is a newspaper directory through which you get access to newspapers all over the world.
  • 8 sidor (in Swedish, English, Arabic, Persian, Somalian and other languages): An easy to read journal containing news.
  • Mediearkivet (in Swedish): Contains information from Swedish newspapers and magazines.



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