Workshops med DJ Booma

Today, ISGR has been visited DJ Booma, from England and lives in Copenhagen. This is a part of the Creative School project, underpinned by the National Arts Council.

DJ Booma had an ambitious program planned for the day. It all started with “the whole school warms up” at 8 o’clock at the school yard, despite coldness and almost rain.
The idea was to bring together the entire school, embracing the good energy and feeling. The important thing was that everyone would have fun, wake up and play a small part in the dance project. This with Booma as a leader and so that everyone who wanted could show their dance moves. One of the comments afterwards was: “It was great and fun! Definetily helped to activate the batteries for the day!”

After that two different groups of grade 7 students had two different workshops within hip hop/street dance with DJ Booma at Guldheden gym. The theme of the workshops was: How can dance be used as a tool for creating a better future? The students had also been asked to bring a picture that addressed climate change, as they feel they cared about and were important to them. They had also been asked in advance think how that picture could be interpreted or used within dance.

The workshops began with the students warming up. Then they got to learn different dance steps, forming a whole choreography. Within the choreography, the students were also allowed to use their imagination in order to come up with input. For example, they were asked to shut their eyes and think of four shapes – and how these could be figured. At the end of the workshop, they had to adapt the dance to the scene were they were going to perform in the end of the day.

The performances were held in the Aula. The two workshops groups performed for each other, since they had been working with different choregraphies and it was nice to share what they they had been creating during the workshops.

Then it followed a question and answer session were you could ask Booma about his career and what / how / where he learned about dance, how to get into dance and other relevant questions. He also talked about his newly released non fiction book turning to teenagers: How to Be a DJ in 10 Easy Lessons: Learn to Spin, Scratch and Produce Your Own Mixes!  (2017). After that we got to see Booma dancing. And he also did an extra performance together with two students who are taking dance lessons.

We would like to thank Booma for a wonderful, inspiring and instructive day that we will remember for a long time! It has been very fun and enriching for us to meet you!

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Drama workshops on the theme of leadership

On Friday, ISGR Campus Götaberg was visited by Karin and James from Gothenburg English Studio Theater (GEST). This was within the project Creative School, supported by the National Arts Council.

Karin and James held two drama workshops with students from LGRM and MYP 8, on the theme of leadership. This is because students in grade 8 are studying leadership right now. The workshop also brought up topics as relationships and internationalism though. This was what the schedule looked like:

1. A presentation. To warm up, present yourself by action and to build confidence.

2. The sheriff. An excercise were you practice focus and concentration. In this exercise you also take turn to be the leader. This was followed by a discussion: How was it being a leader? Did you feel any pressure from people watching you? If so, how did you deal with that?

3. A collaboration exercise. Here the students got to co-operate, communicate without talking, practice being a sensitive leader. They would paint two and two following instructions and helding the same pencil. This exercise was also followed by questions: Which of you had the most control over the pen? How did it feel when someone else took control? Did your ideas come true? Where did you disagree? Was it ok to think differently?

4. Set up a play. The students got a script. The scene was an airport and the plot a traveler being denied to go by the airplane. Students were asked to practice and perform the play and be a respectful, quite and attentive audience. As a further development, the students were challenged through being assigned different feelings, for example, the most angry you could be and still keep track of the script, stay in character, project voice, not cut any lines or swear etctera. Questions came up like: Did you believe the actors? Did you believe yourself? How do you make it real to yourself? Who is the most powerful?

5. Make yourself understood. The students got to practice not being understood due to language barriers, being translator and asking questions through the translator.

A summary of the workshop was that it is not a leader who creates history, but you tell a story together. It takes both courage and focus to be a leader, because leaders often have pressure on them and sometimes people do not agree.

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The UN Day 2017. Focusing on sustainability

Due to the UN Day, the school organised a variety of activities today, focusing on the topics social sustainability and climate change through lectures, crafts, competitions, workshops and more.

We were pleased that several speakers visited our school: Annika Lindström (from Gothenburg’s Rights Center against Discrimination), Anders Sandberg (from Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University), Agida Arghavan (from the Swedish National Committe for UN Women), Carolina Lopez (KFUM) and Emma and Fiona (from UN Association, Gothenburg Youth Section).

Agida Arghavan told us about her background, with a family who fled from Iran because of the Iranian Revolution and her father was a poet. She also told us about her relationship to the song. That music is as important to her as breathing, but that it is not problematic. Because the love of music makes it difficult for her to return to Iran. Because women are not allowed to sing in Iran. Agida also told us about her sisterhood with other women in the same situation as her, who are artistic in one or other way and forced to fight for their rights. She has written about these women’s lives in the book Zan, as Agida gave away a signed copy of to ISGR library. Agida also told us about her work on documentary film, which has been noted by the organization Chime for Change. In this work, she supports women’s right to express themselves artistical.

Anders Sandberg lectured on various risks to humanity. How it looks from a historical perspective and what risks we face today, following rapid development in several areas, such as the technological. What would happen if the Internet dropped, electricity supply burst, if we suffered from a huge epidemic, or the economy collapsed? Whether it became a nuclear war, or the climate changed significantly or something else? Anders suggested that neighbors are important people in the event of a crisis. We are simultaneously more resilient and fragile than many think, for example, in many ways dependent on a global infrastructure yet able to handle disasters with our civil society. We also have a responsibility for the future and future generations.

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I huvudet på en femtonåring

När jag va liten så tror jag allas dröm var att bli astronaut

Nu är det ju snart gymnasiemässan, många nya val och möjligheter för alla niondeklassare. Enligt mig ska det bli spännande och roligt, men stressigt också förstås.

Jag tror att jag ska jobba i restaurangbranschen, kanske bli kock eller jobba i bar, men jag vill också jobba på SiS Institution eller På Hvb för att hjälpa ungdomar som har problem i hemmet eller utanför hemmet. Så jag känner mig inte stressad över att jag inte har något att välja för det har jag verkligen! Fast det är svårt för mig att välja mellan de två sakerna för båda verkar roliga och intressanta.

På gymnasiemässan är det folk överallt så det är kanske lite krångligt att koncentrera sig på att kolla gymnasier, man kommer ju träffa massa vänner där så vissa kanske blir distraherade och istället går runt och pratar med sina vänner. Jag tycker det kommer bli kul att börja i gymnasiet för man kommer träffa massa nya vänner och nytt folk att börja umgås med, man kanske hittar nya aktiviteter och fritidsintressen också.

Ni som har en dröm om att bli t.ex advokat eller vad som helst, sluta aldrig kämpa för det ni vill bli, våga ta risker och även om saker går snett så finns det alltid en sätt att lösa det på. Mitt drömliv hade varit att bo i New York uppe i bergen kanske med en stor villa med en stor pool. Jag vill äga något företag så att jag inte behöver jobba mycket utan bara kunna hämta in pengar varje dag, kanske skriva under papper och göra kontorsarbete men kontor kommer jag ha hemma isånnafall. Jag skulle donerat mycket av mina pengar till barn och familjer runt om i världen som behöver dom mycket mer än jag. Som jag sa vill jag ju gå restaurangbranschen eller jobba på Institution, med dom jobben kan man ju inte få någon villa i New York, men vad som helst kan hända jag kanske startar värsta restaurangen i Las Vegas och drar in massa pengar, då blir min dröm sann.

Ni som är stressade över gymnasievalet, var inte det för det kommer bara vara roligt, det är nu vi kommer in i det riktiga livet, som vi alla har kämpat för i nio år! Sky’s the limit

Vilhelm Jaaksaar.

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Tip on a writing competition

Going on now, you can join a writing competition organised by the national Reading Movement . It is called Thoughts of our time and goes on until December 3rd. Unfortunately, the contributions have to be in Swedish and written by students aged 13-19, but we hope that many students would like to join the competition and we will look out for competitions in English and other languages too.
Students can write a story based on how they feel and think about our time.
As an option to submitting a story, the students can choose to make a cartoon series or a movie.

They can also get writing tips via a link to the journal Skriva:

Here you can find more information:
With the hope that some people will find this inspiring! 🙂

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A trainee in the library

We are welcoming Monica Singh to the library. We are very happy that she has chosen to do her trainee period at our school and Elin will happily share information on ISGR and her work with her. Here is a little information about her:

Jag heter Monica och är 17 år gammal.Jag är före detta elev på ISGR, nu går jag andra året på Jensen gymnasium Göteborg och läser samhällsvetenskapliga programmet. Jag kommer att praktisera i bibloteket i två vecker.

My name is Monica and I am 17 years old.  I am a former student here. Right now I’m in my second year of high school and I’m studying social science in Jensen gymnasium.

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Jag firar halloween med min granne Miranda varge år. Vi brukar gå omkring i granskapet utklädda till oika monster sedan senare på kvällen har mina föräldras kommpisar ett halloween fest som vi brukar gå på. Förra året klädde jag och min granne båda ut oss till zombies. Det är jätte kul att fira halloween med kompis.  Jag måste ändå erkänna att det roligaste inte är att göra bus eller godis för det är roligare att fixa dräckterna, halloween pynt. Jag brukar även färsöka få min mamma att klä ut sig, men det går hon sällan med på. Jag frågar inte pappa för jag vet redan vad han ska svara.  Jag minns min första halloween, då var jag inte så gammal. Jag hade en röd klänning och horn. Jag trodde jag såg ut som en jävel, det gjode jag inte!! Jag tror inte att jag kommer göra bus eller godis så många år till, men jag KOMMER klä ut mig och stå vid dörren i vilket fall. Halloween är min favorit högtid och på andra plats kommer julen. 🙂

/klara 6B

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