The Roald Dahl Day

Today is the Norwegian-English author Roald Dahl Day celebrated around the world, because September 13th was his birthday, and he has for a long time been internationally appreciated.
Above all, Roald has written many humorous, thrilling and imaginative novels and short stories for children and young people. Among those, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) is the most famous one.
Since Roald Dahl novels and autobiographies are also very popular among the ISGR students, the library has decided to highlight the Roald Dahl day. So this week Roald Dahl novels will be displayed. You can come here and do Roald Dahl cross words, word searches and also color Roald Dahl motives.
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Creative School events. Autumn semester 2019

The Creative School committee at Campus Götaberg is now happy to announce the events that will take place during this semester. These events are possible thanks to a grant, that ISGR has received from the National Arts Council, in order to facilitate the students’ meetings with professional artists.
This is what is going to happen for students from grade 6&7:

October 4th. Visit by the Swedish-Kurdish author Arkan Asaad. He will talk about his novel: Stjärnlösa nätter / Starless nights, Blod rödare än rött and Bortom solens strålar.

November 28th. Manga workshop by Adrian Malmgren.

December 18th. Skype talk by the Cuban American author Ruth Behar. She will talk about her title Lucky broken girl. Here is a greeating from her:

“Please tell the teachers, students, and parents how delighted I am to have the opportunity to meet them and to talk to them about my book. It will be my first time sharing thoughts about my book with Swedish children. I am looking forward to hearing what they think of Lucky Broken Girl and what lessons they have learned.”

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Greeting from Ingelin Angerborn

There are many students who want to meet the author Ingelin Angerborn, within the school’s Creative School project. Unfortunately that is not possible, but she is sending a greeting to ISGR, Campus Götaberg:

“Det gör mig jätteglad att era 6-7:or vill träffa mig, men tyvärr gör jag ju inga författarbesök alls just nu. Jag försöker hinna med att skriva nya böcker i stället 🙂 Hoppas ni förstår och att ni får ett fint författarbesök av någon av mina duktiga kollegor! Ha det fint och hälsa gärna eleverna så gott! /Ingelin”

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West Pride and LGBTQ literature

Have you seen many rainbow flags set up this week? The rainbow is a symbol of everyone’s right to be just as they are and to love who they want.

On June 12-16th The West Pride festival is going on in Gothenburg and the region, Västra Götaland. The festival is an art and culture festival, aiming to serve as a secure meeting place for LGBTQ people. Here you can check what the word  LGBTQ means, and take a look at the program for the festival taking place at for example the Gothenburg Art Musem, the Gothenburg City library and the Gothenburg University (Artisten).

The aim is to highlight LGBTQ people’s life situation, spread knowledge, change attitudes, invite to conversations, reflections. In this way, a more open social climate can be created, and prejudices ans discrimination based on gender identity / sexual orientation / gender expression be counteracted,. The festival is free for visitors.

The ISGR library wants to work the same way as the festival. To be inclusive and there for everyone in the ISGR community, enabling in many different ways and secure a welcoming and respectful approach and good study environment.  The library thinks that everyone benefits from a work on equal treatment and human rights.

Therefore, we got a LGBTQ shelf in the library. Here are tips of some literature bringing up LGBTQ (homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people, people with queer expressions and identities and more). Here you can check what a norm and what norm critical pedagogy means.

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Voting, Summer Reading Challenges and Crafts

Now there is time to vote for what artists you would like to meet, during the upcoming school year, within the Creative School project, supported by the National Arts Council.

Grades 6-8 are welcome to do so in the library,  in connection with the return of books, until the end of the school year. Creative School is a democratic project, emphasizing student democracy, so therefore voting is an important part of the process. And in this way, you influence what will happen.

The library has also put together a Summer Reading Challenges booklet, with three activities for those who want:

  • Reading bingo
  • Harry Potter quiz
  • 4 book reports

If you do the activities, (reading four books and filling in book reports for those is the most important), you will get a book for free from the library at the end of summer, when you hand in the Summer Reading Challenges booklet to Elin, your librarian.

There are also crosswords, book mark workshop, and other crafts available in the library from today and onwards.

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Bart Moeyaert. The ALMA prize winner 2019

This week is the ALMA week in Sweden. (By ALMA means Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The ALMA prize was founded by the Swedish government in 2002 and is the world’s largest children’s and youth literature prize. The prize money is five million Swedish kronor.)
During the ALMA week the prize awarded author of 2019, the Belgian author Bart Moeyaert, gives public lectures, meet with students, visit Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home and participate at an award ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall on May 27, where the Crown Princess Victoria will present Moeyaert.
Bart started to write, because he thought “writing was safer than talking”.
Here you can see an interview with Bart, shortly after the prize was handed out:

Here you can also visit Bart’s website:
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The interactive live webcast with Veronica Roth

The interactive live webcast with Veronica Roth took place on Friday evening in the ISGR Library. 11 students, 4 teachers and the librarian who set this up, Elin, were present.

She wrote the Divergent Movie series which also inspired the books of the same name.

But her goal was to speak about Creative People and ways to come up with creative ideas.

And of course there are those of us who wake up with ideas, are struck with ideas, or dream ideas; she names practical strategies for this process.

In a nutshell, be curious and notice what you are interested in. You can take notes for example and build your own library.  In this way you will be able to use the information as a base to combine, inspire or spin off parts to your own formation. Where do ideas come from if they are not somewhere from the start?

Examples were given based on the original experienced source and the chosen combination of several ideas to be applied to an idea of your own. Basically, giving known stories other endings, seeing from other character’s points of view or setting two seemingly unrelated parts together is all  for the goal of forming new ideas. Or put two completely unrelated ideas together which form a completely different idea.

Lastly, when it comes to creativity and working a life career, time is irrelevant. Written works may be started or finished or supply ideas for new inspiration. Working with the creative process means that new ideas come from new sources.

Ideas just don’t come from anywhere. If you can build a system or become more aware of what you like, you can lay the foundation for the availability of ideas to work for you on a regular basis.

Susan Kohansall


Drama Teacher

May 14th ,2019

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