The dance workshops with Pako

Yesterday, ISGR was visited by Pako. During the workshops Pako combined street dance / hip hop dance with a theme of integration.

Pako taught students how to communicate / find their own expression within the dance style they had chosen themselves. Then the theme integration was used in different ways. To arrange movements, how groups were formed and divided and out from the words no, maybe and yes, were maybe meant integration.

The day was divided into four workshops:

1) The day started off with a warm up outside the school building, that was for everyone in the school building.


2) Two longer workshops took place up at Fysiken gym, Guldheden, with grade 8 students from both MYP and LGRM. During the first session students were building up a choreography out from a song in Portuguese.


Here you can watch a dance video from the workshops

3) The day ended in the school’s Aula, were students from the two workshops did two performances. Then there was a performance with both groups, picking up movements from the warm up in the school yard, and also people from the audience was welcome then.

4) Pako then had a question and answer session with the students. He talked a lot about believing in what you do and create for its own sake, without expecting anything back, because it will be easier for you to create an authentic expression then. Telling your story in a way that makes people listen. Technique is of course also required, but that is all about practice. And to create is a never ending process.

Pako told us that he thinks secondary school students is the age group that possess the most power. You are very capable of doing things because you are still little, but actually not so little. You got so much energy and ideas. And can support each other in a great way if you become aware of how you are as people. Secondary school is a great time to dream.

Pako says that: “I believe that dance as an art form can truly help people to succeed in what they want to do with their life.”

This was the first Creative School event during this school year at Campus Götaberg. The project is made possible through support from the National Arts Council.


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Warm up on the school yard

Today, ISGR Campus Götaberg is very happy and pleased to host the famous Portuguese dancer, rapper and choreographer Pako. He will do dance workshops with students from grade 8 during day, om the theme of integration, but also meet students from the whole school.
So far the day has started off with a welcome speach by the MYP principal Graham and a warm up on the school yard.
This is part of the school’s Creative School project, underpinned by the National Arts Council.

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Happy Halloween and Reading break!

Please feel free to borrow books from the library over the break! Today newly arrived books are being catalogued, so there will be more to choose from.

In Sweden, the autumn break has started to be named The reading break. Many public libraries arrange activities to encourage reading and story telling.

There is a homepage for The reading break (only in Swedish though): Lä

And one of our former students, Naomi Kouame, has been published in the anthology Tankar om vår tid, in connection to The reading break 2018.

Please feel free to read her text here:

These lovely pumpkins below has been made by Wilma and Joel in 7B (see below).

Happy Halloween!

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The UN Day is highlighted. Focus on fairness and sustainability

October 24th the UN Day will be celebrated at ISGR. The whole Campus Götaberg will be involved, as usual, and this year the focus will be on consuming, fashion and fair trade, child labor and child exploitation.

Here are some tips of articles, links and books that will be displayed in the library. Please feel free to visit the library to get support with your research skills, borrow books, get hold of the articles below or anything else.

Articles in English:

Articles in Swedish:

Book recommendations:


Link tips in English:

Link tips in Swedish:

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Creative School event coming up this semester

The voting for Creative School events is now done, and the Creative School Committee has arranged with visits by a range of artists, based on the students’ suggestions. This is made possible through the Skapande skola/Creative School project, underpinned by the National Arts Council.

Here is a short resume of what the first event during this school year will look like:

On November 15th. Dance workshops for grade 8.

The workshops will be lead by the Portuguese dancer, rapper and choreographer Francisco “Pako” Almeida. Pako has broad experience from many workshops, classes, shows, intercultural exchanges and other projects, in many different countries. He will use street dance/hip hop dance  as the styles of dancing, and combine with the theme integration in the choreography.

“My workshop is a combination of urban stiles, hip hop, house, dance hall and regaton, [mixed] with contemporary. This is because in this way I can reach higher level dancers and beginners at the same  time. My workshops are centered on developing the students skills, meaning that you don’t have to have experience to attend. I believe that dance as an art form can truly help people to succeed in what they want to do with their life.”

Film clip from a workshop led by Pako:

Pako’s facebook page:



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Book sale, Usborne Children’s Books

On October 10-11th (during the development talk days) there will be a book sale in ISGR library, Campus Götaberg.

The library will be visited by Yvonne Kennedy from Usborne Children’s Books, one of Europe’s leading publishing companies.

Yvonne will bring interesting and amazing fiction and non fiction books for secondary school students, and also books at different reading levels.

These books stimulate and challenge the kids to learn fascinating facts about complex topics and get new ideas, entertained and excited about books.

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Pocket study skills

In the end of the last school year, the library got a book series called: Pocket study skills.

These will probably be helpful for many students, so therefor the library will categorize them as reference loans, that is that you will only be able to read them in the library and not bring them home.

The titles are:

Reading & making notes by Jeanne Godfrey

Brilliant writing tips for students by Julia Copus

Getting critical by Kate Williams

Posters & presentations by Emily Bethell & Clare Milson

Doing research by Gary Thomas

Referencing & understanding plagiarism by Kate Williams & Mary Davis

The books will be placed near the handout for The Information Search Process, source criticism and more. At the same shelf there will also be added non fiction books on fake news, news values and more.


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