Info about Laurie Halse Anderson

She was born on October 23rd in New York, America, now she is 56 years old. Her father’s name was Rev. Frank A. Halse Jr. and her mother’s name was Joyce Holcomb Halse. Her sisters name was Lisa Halse. She liked writing in second grade and as a teenager she was interested in reading science fiction and fantasy. She never thought that she become a writer. She went to a high school called Fayetteville in Manlius. When she was 17, she worked at a clothing store which inspired her to go to college. In 1984, she got her Bachelors degree in languages and linguistics. Later on, she got married with Greg Anderson. In 1985, they had their first kid named Stephanie Holcomb, after a while, they got divorced. Years later, she moved to Mexico, then she got married to Scot Larrabee. Later on,  she had 2 kids along with the 2 others she had with Greg Anderson while she was married to Scot Larrabee.

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Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

By 8 grade students;

Lia and Cassie are best friends, Wintergirls frozen in fragile bodies, competitors in a deadly contest got see who can be the thinnest. But then Cassie suffers the ultimate loss-her life- and Lia is left behind, haunted by her friends memories and feeling guilty for not being able to save her.

It is a very touching and sad story. I would recommend it to teenagers and certainly if you are a girl. If you have read SPEAK, an award winning book, then you will love this book.

“A fearless, riveting account of a young women in the grip of a deadly illness.” – New York Times Book Review 

“If you’re a teenage girl, Wintergirls might just save your life.” – Miami Herald 

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Book recommendation by grade 6F. The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

I really liked this book because it was very fun and had cool pictures. It was quite entertaining and I would recommend it to young people with a lot of freedom and imagination.

Emily , her mom and brother Navin are going to there new home. It needs a great amount of work. While cleaning the house, Emily finds an amulet in a strange room. Then,in the night they hear weird sound. Her mom goes and check but dissapears leaving her flashlight. Something not right has happened.

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Drawing workshops and vernissage / art exhibition

Today ISGR has been visited by the Romanian artist Daniela Ruxandra Stoian, who has held two drawing workshops in the library, with students from grade 6. This is a part of the school’s Creative School project, funded by the National Arts Council. The students thougt it was fun, inspiring and instructive to participate in these workshops. The theme was “fairy tales, superheroes and fantasy kind of things”, focusing on fairy tales, or more specifically magical creatures. What kind of superpowers they have, what environment they are staying in and if there is any hiding there. If there is a treasure hidden, and what the treasure could be for something?
The participating students were divided into two groups of students who did similar, but not the same workshops. The workshops consisted of different instructions / demonstrations followed by shorter exercises.
The first group of students painted shapes in water on watercolor paper, as they filled with watercolor. (Later the shape would become a tree.) Then they painted lines and splashes, etc., in watercolor, to build a landscape.

After that, they were allowed to create magical creatures in the same way as they started the workshop by imagining shapes and then fill them with water and pour and blend watercolors in those shapes.

Then the students used markers to paint contours, patterns and details and more. The students were also allowed to use glitter color. Cut out their magical creature and place it in the landscape they had painted. With the help from glue tag the creature could also move around in the landscape.

In the end, they students could do a collaborative exercise, where they painted a couple of wings, as a magical creature could use.

The second group of students started the workshop with a collaborative practice, painting a round paper together, which would resemble an eye that could look into a magical landscape.

Then the students painted magical creatures in the same way as the first group.

In the end of the session they imagined what they favorite treasure would look like, as they could work hard to find. Then they painted it on a double-weighted paper, using paper tape, so that the treasure would get a special shape. Inside they wrote what the treasure was. What kind of treasure they most of all in the world would like to find.

At the end of the day there was a vernissage / art exhibition in the library. The two groups of students could then have a look at each other’s artwork. There were also teachers and other staff at the school joining the vernissage / art exhibition by students from grade 6, to look at their nice pictures. We are very happy and excited to have got this fantastic opportunity to meet Daniela and do workshops with her!

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We are looking forward to meet Daniela

On Tuesday, ISGR will be visit by the artist Daniela Ruxandra Stoian who will do a couple drawing workshops with students from grade 6. At 15.30-16 there will also be a vernissage. This is a part of the school’s Creative school project funded by the National Arts Council.

Daniela Stoian is a Romanian visual artist based in Copenhagen. She works with mixed media like painting, murals, photography animation and video.

“I love coordinating art workshops. I’ve been working with this for 10 years now, and I keep being fascinated to get that glimpse of how others, especially children, express visually the world as they see it and as they imagine it, and encouraging their freedom to do so.”

Invitation to vernissage

Fairies are magical creatures that can take many appearances and they like to hide.

They are sometimes also guardians of mysterious treasures.

Come and see what fairies we imagined and try to find out

what their secret treasure is.

School Library

5th December 2017, 15.30-16.00.


Art workshop coordinated by Daniela Stoian

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Workshops med DJ Booma

Today, ISGR has been visited DJ Booma, from England and lives in Copenhagen. This is a part of the Creative School project, underpinned by the National Arts Council.

DJ Booma had an ambitious program planned for the day. It all started with “the whole school warms up” at 8 o’clock at the school yard, despite coldness and almost rain.
The idea was to bring together the entire school, embracing the good energy and feeling. The important thing was that everyone would have fun, wake up and play a small part in the dance project. This with Booma as a leader and so that everyone who wanted could show their dance moves. One of the comments afterwards was: “It was great and fun! Definetily helped to activate the batteries for the day!”

After that two different groups of grade 7 students had two different workshops within hip hop/street dance with DJ Booma at Guldheden gym. The theme of the workshops was: How can dance be used as a tool for creating a better future? The students had also been asked to bring a picture that addressed climate change, as they feel they cared about and were important to them. They had also been asked in advance think how that picture could be interpreted or used within dance.

The workshops began with the students warming up. Then they got to learn different dance steps, forming a whole choreography. Within the choreography, the students were also allowed to use their imagination in order to come up with input. For example, they were asked to shut their eyes and think of four shapes – and how these could be figured. At the end of the workshop, they had to adapt the dance to the scene were they were going to perform in the end of the day.

The performances were held in the Aula. The two workshops groups performed for each other, since they had been working with different choregraphies and it was nice to share what they they had been creating during the workshops.

Then it followed a question and answer session were you could ask Booma about his career and what / how / where he learned about dance, how to get into dance and other relevant questions. He also talked about his newly released non fiction book turning to teenagers: How to Be a DJ in 10 Easy Lessons: Learn to Spin, Scratch and Produce Your Own Mixes!  (2017). After that we got to see Booma dancing. And he also did an extra performance together with two students who are taking dance lessons.

We would like to thank Booma for a wonderful, inspiring and instructive day that we will remember for a long time! It has been very fun and enriching for us to meet you!

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Drama workshops on the theme of leadership

On Friday, ISGR Campus Götaberg was visited by Karin and James from Gothenburg English Studio Theater (GEST). This was within the project Creative School, supported by the National Arts Council.

Karin and James held two drama workshops with students from LGRM and MYP 8, on the theme of leadership. This is because students in grade 8 are studying leadership right now. The workshop also brought up topics as relationships and internationalism though. This was what the schedule looked like:

1. A presentation. To warm up, present yourself by action and to build confidence.

2. The sheriff. An excercise were you practice focus and concentration. In this exercise you also take turn to be the leader. This was followed by a discussion: How was it being a leader? Did you feel any pressure from people watching you? If so, how did you deal with that?

3. A collaboration exercise. Here the students got to co-operate, communicate without talking, practice being a sensitive leader. They would paint two and two following instructions and helding the same pencil. This exercise was also followed by questions: Which of you had the most control over the pen? How did it feel when someone else took control? Did your ideas come true? Where did you disagree? Was it ok to think differently?

4. Set up a play. The students got a script. The scene was an airport and the plot a traveler being denied to go by the airplane. Students were asked to practice and perform the play and be a respectful, quite and attentive audience. As a further development, the students were challenged through being assigned different feelings, for example, the most angry you could be and still keep track of the script, stay in character, project voice, not cut any lines or swear etctera. Questions came up like: Did you believe the actors? Did you believe yourself? How do you make it real to yourself? Who is the most powerful?

5. Make yourself understood. The students got to practice not being understood due to language barriers, being translator and asking questions through the translator.

A summary of the workshop was that it is not a leader who creates history, but you tell a story together. It takes both courage and focus to be a leader, because leaders often have pressure on them and sometimes people do not agree.

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