Some book events during the autumn

We would like to promote some reading events during the autumn:

Autumn holiday, week 44 has nationally became the Reading week  and you can participate in many fun activities during this week. There will be arranged a contest for all children aged 7-13. The theme for the competetion this year will be: “The most important thing for me.” You could compete with, for example, a film, a story, a series, a song or a poem. And it’s up to you if you would like to participate yourself or with some friends. Hand in your contributions at the latest by the 30th of September.

For you who are speaking Swedish there will start a television program called Bokslukarna at svt, where children aged 9-14 will read and discuss books on various topics, supervised by the librarian Marcus Biderholt. On the program’s website, a writing school will also be held by the authors Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell behind the PAX-books available in the school library.

The authors Johanna Lindbäck and Lisa Bjärbo will start the podcast Bladen brinner   in October, where they will talk about current children and youth books for an adult audience, interviewing authors, publishers and other persons in the book business.

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